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For a long time, people know BMI (body mass index) to prediction of whether person’s destinies for heart attack. The ratio comes from body weighs (in kilogram) divided to height quadrate (in meter), so ranges are:

-  BMI 20-25 = Ideal body weighs

-  BMI < 20   = Under body weighs, and

-  BMI > 25   =  Over body weighs

But now, we got something new. Trough the research with 27.000 people from 52 countries involved, led by researchers from McMaster University of Canada, they found the Waist-to-Hip ratio. Good news is, the new ratio is three times stronger to predicting heart attack than BMI index. On the other hand, this new ratio three times more accurate than body mass index.

If you have an ideal body mass index, the risk of heart attack still high, if you have high score for waist-to-hip ratio. For the simple, if you have a paunch, you have a higher risk for heart attack, while some people with high BMI may be not at high risk if they have small waist. Surprisingly, heart attack patients had a strikingly higher  Waist-to-hip ratio, regardless of their age, or other high risk such as high blood pressure, smoking and high cholesterol.   Because of that, it’s your duty to make belly girth not too big. Or, you have to certain that the waist isn’t bigger than your hip. Waist number bigger than hip called apple shaped and the waist smaller than hip called pear shaped. Indeed, your choice not dependent to which do you like one of those fruits, but you have to take pear fruit to representation your body from waist below.

Then, what should we do to make sure the problem above not comes? First and the simplest thing is: You just keep one of your smaller pant or skirt which still useable, to be check the fit with your waist regularly. For instance, in one time in every two months, but I think once monthly is better. So, you can avoid your belly girth longer.

Secondly, you have to start a healthier life. Starting to eat something fresh, naturally and healthy. Especially for 30 years above people, avoid (or eat minimally) bad food like: Junk food, fatty food, fried food, although with unsaturated oil. You know why? Because the adagio is:  However the fat still fat! Better if you can choose the food with no artificial fertilizer. Take some aerobically sport, such as: Walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming and running. Almighty God, those sports are not expensive. They only need simple gear and just a little determination.

And thirdly, see your doctor. The doctor can give some advise to keep your body healthy. And if you doubt about him, you have to find second, third or fourthly opinion.

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